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Ethnikcity Talent Agency Inc. is located in Barrie Ontario, Canada. We are a multi-cultural talent agency which functions primarily to accommodate, and create public awareness for emerging artists.

Our primary goal is to work with artist from all genres of Arts & Entertainment in Canada and across the globe.

Our core mission at Ethnikcity Talent Agency is to seek out talented  performers who are going unnoticed by the entertainment industry, and showcase their talent to a global audience.

Our experienced talent agents are dedicated to working with the best performance artists, and highlighting their unique talent internationally.

In support of emerging artist we provide lots of relative information, and industry tips on our website for those who are unsure about how to find a talent agency or an agent because we want to see you succeed.

This website is also for industry decision makers to easily access emerging talent they may not know about, and inevitably launch memorable careers.

EthnikCity Talent Agency Inc. is the ultimate destination for emerging talent seeking international exposure because we’ve faced the same challenges you are probably encountering with getting noticed.

We strive to empower you to fulfill your creative goals, promote your unique talent, and support your career in entertainment.

We understand the challenges associated with finding a talent agency that is willing to take the necessary time to help you develop, and pursue your creative goals. Ethnikcity Talent Agency Inc. is the difference you’ve been looking for.

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Talent Agency

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