Auditions For Acting Videos

auditions for acting

“Good acting comes from finding the essence of a character.” – John Larroquette

The following auditions for acting videos can be used as a guide for beginners who aren’t sure about what they need to do in order to get the entertainment jobs they’re after.

The videos below highlight established artists acting auditions, and offers great insight into the auditions process.

Even professional actors like Megan Fox, Jim Carrey, Gabourey Sidibe from the award winning film Precious, and award winning actress Julia Roberts still have to attend audition for actors to get their roles.

Acting auditions can be intimidating to some actors who are emerging in the film industry. However, as you will see in the videos it’s an inescapable process that every aspiring actor has to go through to get hired to play the roles they audition for.

It’s a job interview like any other job, and preparation is key. Whether it’s film or TV auditions, the more you’re able to portray the character in a confident manner is the better your chances of getting hired as an actor will become.

Actors have to grab the attention of talent agents, and casting directors in order to get considered for any role so it’s worthwhile to gain as much knowledge about auditions for acting as possible.

Even if it’s intimidating to see famous faces when you go to auditions for acting, it’s important to remain calm, and be professional. You’re invited to auditions so casting directors can see your talent, and get to know you.

Always show up for any acting audition you’re booked for, and ensure you know the lines you’re given before entering the auditions.

While you will most likely not get hired the first time you attend an acting audition, don’t allow this to be discouraging.

Attend all of the auditions for acting you’re invited to.

Go over and over until you’re hired because every audition sharpens your skills, and shows the casting directors your growth as an actor.

Work on your acting technique, take classes, and get involved with community groups or events that will give you an opportunity to sharpen your acting abilities.

You gain valuable experience that will aid you when you attend auditions for acting.

Learn from those that have experience in the following Auditions for acting videos. Continue to give your best performance when invited to acting auditions whether you’re just emerging or already have some audition experience.

Most important is to prepare, and have fun with your auditions regardless of if you get the part or not because it’s a process that even the most famous actors have to go through.

Megan Fox Audition Tape – Transformers

Jim Carrey Audition Tape – Man on the Moon

Gabourey Sidibe – Precious Audition Tape

Julia Roberts Audition Tape

Hugh Jackman auditions for the part of Wolverine in X-men

Rachel McAdam Audition Video

Blake Lively – Gossip Girl Audition

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