How To Get A Casting Callback.

Getting a casting call back begins with preparation. Once you’re booked by your

Casting Callback talent agent for all casting auditions, start preparing for it immediately.

Get ready to deliver your best performance at commercial casting calls, TV casting calls, model casting calls, extras casting, or even an open audition.

Gather your photos, resume, and appropriate wardrobe in advance of the date.

If you’re going to an acting audition read the sides provided, and memorize your lines to help you focus on the development of the character you’ll be auditioning for. Once you’re prepared and confident, you increase your chances of getting a casting callback.

For a modeling “go see” make sure your portfolio is arranged to be presented with your best photos at the front of your book, and end with an attention grabbing photograph that will leave a strong impression on the casting director.

The majority of auditions you attend will require a headshot, and resume. Always have them ready to present to the casting director when you enter the casting area, and don’t make them have to ask to see it.

Carry your headshots with you when you go out. They are like your business cards, and without them readily available you won’t be prepared for any casting call opportunity that may arise unexpectedly.

An audition that doesn’t require you to bring a headshot and resumé will be a very small number. Always take them with you, and secure your resume to the back of  your headshot.

If you want to get a casting callback don’t  ask Casting Directors what type of person they’re looking for at an audition. You’re the actor, dancer or model, and need to be professional enough to leave an audition gracefully.

Don’t  drink, use drugs, arrive late, be confrontational or any destructive combination of this list. Exhibit complete professionalism to everyone you encounter upon entering and leaving the audition. Your attitude also plays a part in helping you to get a casting callback.

If presented with a different role than the one you were expecting, don’t question the decision of the casting director . They actually know what they’re doing, and the part could be for a much bigger role that you’re perfect for.

Don’t mess up your opportunity to shine or get a casting callback by wasting their time with questions.

When reading with another actor never give them direction, you’re the actor not the director of the production, plus it’s very impolite. Readers can boost your performance at an audition, always make eye contact with the reader unless you’re directed to read right to camera.

Don’t dress in costume or period pieces even if the role calls for it. This is your job interview dress as such, and avoid patterns, stripes or logos.

Even when you feel like you’ve really messed up your audition think twice about asking to do it again. If you ask to do it a second time and don’t do a lot better, the casting director will have your bad audition stamped in their memory.

Casting Directors take the time to select, and invite you to an audition because they see something in you that they are looking for. They want you to blow them away with your performance. Give them the best you’ve got.

Regardless of how you think you’ve performed when you complete your audition always  leave gracefully and don’t ask about the casting callback while at the audition. This approach is considered very unprofessional and frowned upon.

If you capture the attention of the casting director or  decision makers at the audition with your performance, chances are very high that you will get a casting callback. Your talent agent will be more than happy to let you know about it so there is no need to do anything other than give your best performance at the audition.

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